Report: All roads lead To Fleckney
On Saturday, November 10, 2012, the small village of Fleckney, located 8.5 miles from the heart of Leicester, welcomed the Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA) Choir for a night of bursting sound in the Fleckney Baptist Church with residents of all ages and from all over the village gathered to hear a private concert.

A normal destination on the EAGA Carol Singing route, Fleckney has always been one of the favourites for EAGA members to visit. However, only a few EAGA members usually go as the choir is assigned to particular villages and areas across the city so all the Leicester citizens get the opportunity to experience the harmonious sound during the festive season. This occasion was grand as the whole choir travelled down to experience the peacefulness and hospitality of Fleckney.

With a prompt start at 7:30 pm, the church hall was full of anticipating ears, waiting to hear the full choir sing. Opening with a Zulu song entitled “Masifika”, the acoustics of the church hall amplified the merge of sound so beautifully. Although after every song in the first half, those gathered gave a big round of applause and enjoyed the music, they still had not gotten up and danced with the EAGA Choir yet. The EAGA Choir knew that the aim for the second half was to liven up the audience and to get them up off their seats and dancing with us.

And EAGA did just that! In no time, the crowd was up on their feet singing along to “O Happy Day”. A fiery Zulu introduction to “Somlandela” added to the ultimate burst of exhilaration when three tenors did their native dances from Zimbabwe before the crowd. Everyone enjoyed and by the end of the second half, those gathered demanded another song! Entering in from a different entrance, the choir gathered to sing the finale song of “I’m Going Up Yonder”, lead by the youngest soprano, Antonia Whyte, aged 10.

After the finale song was complete, the emcee for the evening brought a big bouquet of flowers out and presented them to the young soloist. The full bouquet nearly covered her face! A successful night indeed, the EAGA choir looks forward to travelling down to Fleckney during the 2012 Carol Singing season.

Thank you Fleckney!