Report: The Hallelujah Chorus, BBC Radio 3 Project, 2009
In December 2007 the EAGA choir was invited to attend and minister at the ‘Winter Celebrations’ of the Sports Social Club at Leicester General Hospital. The Choir was well received and the club members were touched by the ministration of the choir. The choir sang with an intense passion, placing a strong emphasis on the meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Members of the Choir participated in the Social Club’s quiz night and acquitted themselves very well and were able to mingle and socialise with the sports club members and developed an instant rapport. The sports club members in attendance were so touched by the choir singing and by their genuine warmth, affection and that they later lobbied for the choir to attend and minister again the following year. The majority of the choir is made up of black and ethnic minority students with an average age of 23. The majority of sports club members were middle aged and elderly white people and the impact the choir had was refreshing as it provided an opportunity to socialise with people of differing cultures and age. The EAGA choir have attended on an annual basis and over 3 years has forged a special relationship with the hospital sports club members. The city of Leicester has an ever increasing BME population and the EAGA choir’s relationship with the Sports club members is a classic example of why this city is a beacon for equality and diversity relations.