EAGA for DMU and DMU at EAGA's Heart

Our belief is in the fair and effective running of a great university that has been made a place where students come to receive their change.

EAGA for DMU and DMU at EAGA’s heart.
The light never stops burning As our aim is only for excellence-
Not to make this place great,
But greatest ever made.
Opportunities are many, at DMU we stand.
EAGA, our candle never stops burning
The light that is always shining.
The path for many, a place where destiny is fulfilled.
EAGA for DMU giving all an equal chance, an equal choice to be who they were made to be.
Representing this university with all our heart.
EAGA, desiring only the best for the university of Jesus Christ.
Together, we accept nothing less than the best.
In moulding our students to be the citizens, leaders of today and tomorrow.
Making DeMontfort University the best ever is our goal and our aim.
EAGA always has DMU at our hearts.
DMU, the university of Change.

Written by Kadie-Ann Williams